Connecting Appleton Estate to it's Jamaica heritage


Connecting Appleton Estate to it's Jamaica heritage

A brand activation and experience you can taste

The Challenge

Appleton Estate Rums are aged, premium drinks with a proud Jamaican history. However, consumers don’t understand that rum can be more sophisticated than reggae and palm trees.

Our Approach

With the Rum Bus Set Creative recreated the authentic “Jamaican Omnibus Service” that toured the Island in the fifties and sixties. Our modified Bedford bus served guests inside or out and used the paraphernalia associated with Jamaican bus travel to bring to life the brand’s extensive and rich history.


The space inside featured the original bus seats and was used to host personalised beverage tasting sessions with the brand’s ambassadors, allowing visitors to taste the difference that aging can bring to a rum.


The Results

Over $75,000/£60,000 was raised to help offset the running cost of the project. The Rum Bus resulted in 113 individual pieces of press coverage, increased Appleton’s average Twitter followers 140% for the duration of the campaign and grew their Facebook page following from 60 to 800 average likes per month.