Lighting the way for Bentley’s global SUV launch


Lighting the way for Bentley’s global SUV launch

An integrated launch campaign with a series of exclusive events

The Challenge

Bentley's first SUV would redefine the luxury four-wheel drive market, uncharted territory for the British automotive manufacturer. How do you launch a car, that is its own category and has never been seen before? Bentley needed an agency partner to design and execute a first-of-its-kind integrated launch campaign for consumers, trade thought leaders, and dealers.

Our Approach

Set Creative developed a comprehensive series of events to deliver the world’s first Luxury SUV globally. The team spent three years working on the Bentley Bentayga launch program, from the reveal of an early concept car at the Geneva motor-show to the global launch at the Frankfurt motor-show. The team was involved in every aspect of the physical presentation of this remarkable car; working with the product team, the design studio and the marketing department as well as the PR, Comms and Event teams at Bentley.

The campaign kicked off with a powerful teaser at the Geneva Motor Show, generating global interest in the new SUV, and continuing through to a final launch at the Frankfurt Motorshow four years later. Light projections in cities across the globe teased the Bentayga's arrival in the launch week.

A toolkit was designed for delivery of the SUV to all markets, giving dealers the ability to host exclusive previews for their top customers. 220 of those dealers were invited to experience a sneak peek of the car. A two-day immersive learning experience, with digital elements, educated dealership staff on the Bentayga's specs and exciting new features. In combination with an exclusive gathering in Palm Springs they had the chance to experience the SUV first-hand both on and off road.

The Results

The first year’s production was sold out before any customers had even seen or driven the card. The campaign generated over 5.6M views on YouTube, 577 individual articles in the automotive press, and delivered a combined reach of 166M impressions.