The world’s first online car launch for Bentley's Continental GT


The world’s first online car launch for Bentley's Continental GT

A cutting-edge product launch to reach individuals throughout the world

The Challenge

The existing Continental GT was perceived as out of date by its target audience. Bentley challenged Set Creative to launch its replacement to a global audience in an innovative manner, highlighting its cutting-edge technology from the very start.

Our Approach

Using 3D projection mapping onto a real car at Three Mills film studios, Set Creative created a unique live online “reveal” for customers around the world. All live streaming technology, cameras, projectors and lighting equipment were hosted on site. A combination of studio lighting and three projectors focused on the car to create an animated reveal sequence, with blue lines to trace the new styling features in an extraordinary manner.


Visitors to the website first watched a short ‘making of’ video that showed the transformation of the film studio, reinforcing the fact that what they were about to see was happening in real time. They could trigger the reveal themselves and choose any one of 6 camera feeds to take their own tour around the car.

The Results

Set Creative gave over 100,000 unique users in 176 countries the change to reveal the new Continental GT, live and on their own terms.