Refreshing Coke’s presence in Times Square


Refreshing Coke’s Iconic Presence In Times Square

A brand activation uniting the analog past with the digital present

The Challenge

Coca-Cola updated their iconic Times Square billboard in New York, replacing the static display with a stunning new 3D modular installation. Their ‘Share an Ice Cold Coca-Cola’ campaign would celebrate the launch, but they wanted to actively engage Times Square visitors in this historic moment with a surprising experience. They asked Set Creative to help launch the new campaign at this famous location by conceiving, designing and delivering a brand activation on the ground.

Our Approach

To bring Coke’s refreshment to life, Set Creative created a fun sculptural expression of the brand, keeping the stringent usage requirements of the city in mind. The history of the brand, the Coke crates and its well-known bottle, were the inspiration for the framework of the sculpture. The giant, red interactive sculpture was impossible to miss, even on the overwhelming Times Square.

The design of the sculpture invited visitors to enjoy a Coke from the icebox incorporated in the sculpture. It became the perfect place for visitors to sit down, drink a beverage and enjoy moments on the busy square.

Water misters embedded in the sculpture coordinated with content on the 3D billboard to bring the entire Coke world of refreshment to life. Animations and effervescence on the screen directed attention back to street level, including a pixelated countdown that cued the water misters in the sculptures to refresh the crowd.

The Results

The fun spectacle instantly attracted other visitors at the busy Times Square, with an overwhelming 360,000 people walking past the experience during the hours it was live. Their social postings created a global media moment from one of the most populated streets on the planet, reaching over 2 Million people.