Building connections for Converse through customization


Building connections for Converse through customization

A personalized Holiday Pop-Up to reintroduce a classic to one teenager at a time

The Challenge

Despite being a staple of teenage wardrobes for decades, Converse had trouble connecting their iconic ‘Chuck Taylor’ silhouette with teenagers shopping in today's malls. For their Holiday campaign they challenged Set Creative to target these ‘teen malls’ with a pop-up for a true customization experience.

Our Approach

One of the most popular elements of the Chuck Taylor is just how personal they can be: they are a brilliant canvas on which young creators can express their personal style. Seizing on this, Set Creative designed and built a mall pop-up installation during the Holiday period to engage with mall teens, offering free personalization with purchase.


The space featured curated brand kits, customized patches and working counters where young consumers personalized their Chucks alongside brand ambassadors. Ultimately visiting four cities, we designed and produced all pop-ups with reinstallation in mind: the materials for the pop-ups were reused in different cities to stay within the modest budget and create a larger impact.

The Results

Installing in four major cities within three weeks, the pop-ups resulted in over 5,000 customized pairs of Chucks.