Rethinking holiday pop-ups for Google


Rethinking holiday pop-ups for Google

Showcasing Google’s exciting products via a reimagined hardware store

The Challenge

In 2018, Google challenged us to use their pop-up stores to share their hardware, and all the ways it can help make life easier, with customers, via a clear retail narrative that customers could immediately understand and embrace.

Our Approach

So how do you tell a hardware story? With a Hardware Store, of course! We worked alongside Google’s creative teams and partner Deeplocal to conceive, design, custom fabricate and build two interactive Google Hardware Stores in New York and Chicago, designed from the ground up to immerse people in not only the products but the possibilities they provided. From a tiny voice controlled kitchen to a Smart Home powered tree house, we led visitors through the attract, engage, purchase and experience areas in the store. These areas combined reimagined retail tools with unique and interactive elements to create an immersive and effective experience.


Our team leveraged traditional hardware cues like sawhorse tables, paint cans, toolboxes and materials like lumber and cargo straps to reinforce the hardware narrative. Every element was custom made to showcase how Google’s products seamlessly work together.