Introducing Sennheiser headphones to American audiophiles


Introducing Sennheiser headphones to American audiophiles

A pop-up evoking bypasser with the emotion of sound.

The Challenge

Sennheiser approached Set Creative to help build awareness for their brand in the US and reinforce their place alongside the world’s most premium audio brands. They wanted to connect with the audiophile directly through an activation that captured attention in a crowded landscape while inviting users to enjoy the ultimate listening experience. Our team was tasked with the strategic recommendation for the market and venue that Sennheiser could best connect with their audience, as well as the design of the retail experience.

Our Approach

The newly opened Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York was chosen as the perfect modern retail space to introduce Sennheisers’ products to American consumers. On top of that it serves as a transportation hub in downtown Manhattan, serving millions of New Yorkers each year, driving instant traffic to the pop-up.

The animated videos on the digital screens in the subway made visitors aware of the brand. The design of the innovative pop-up was inspired by the emotion of humans when listening to music and the rolling waves of sound. 2200 rods formed a wavy surface, each one capped with a reflective dichroic film. The Soundscape shifted in colour and form in response to natural lighting, as well as reacting to how many people were in the space at any time.

Despite restrictions on sound and lighting in this public space, Set Creative delivered an expressive experience. Bypassers could plug Sennheiser's hi-fi offerings to their personal device, giving them the opportunity for a real-time comparison with their own headphones. Similar to how Sennheiser’s products reveal new nuances in your favourite music, this installation composed moments of discovery, even for busy, daily commuters.

The Results

Open for five months, the pop-up was seen by over 75 Million commuters, tourists and destination shoppers. During that time, the transformative retail experience delivered a 17.5% lift in sales. Set Creative turned the volume up on this quietly superior European brand, penetrating the American market and opening the brand to a new world of consumers.