Helping Spotify turn knowledge into revenue


Helping Spotify turn knowledge into revenue

Launch of a new B2B product with a series of live events translating data into an experience for media buyers

The Challenge

Spotify understands its audience better than anyone else. When they launched their new ‘Branded Moments’ advertising product, media buyers weren’t aware of the power of Spotify’s interactive user experience. The brand had positioned itself as an innovative and disruptive Tier 1 media platform looking to attract more ad revenue. They asked Set Creative to deliver a B2B marketing event in five different cities in North America and Europe. The target audience were media buyers at agencies responsible for purchasing billions of dollars of advertising on behalf of their Fortune 500 clients.

Our Approach

The power and superiority of Spotify's audience data would be most impactful when demonstrated on a personal level for media buyers, live at an event. Set Creative’s strategy was to immerse media buyers in Spotify's audience data through physical visualizations and user interactions.

Set Creative designed and delivered a series of events, known as The Spotify Branded Moments Roadshow, across European and North American markets. The tour consisted of three parts; an invitation which gathered data, a tailored in-person presentation driven by data, and a party featuring curated music and live visualizations made of that data.


The interactive brand journey for media buyers started from the moment the invite was sent to the media agencies. Invitees were asked to enter their Spotify username to RSVP and were able to instantly see user-generated data on who else was attending. This data was then brought to life, during educational sessions throughout the week. The final party with interactive panels and light exhibits showcased the data to create a new kind of brand experience that evoked emotion and inspired participation. It provided a fun way to explore the data while revealing the personal connections that fueled the fun.

The Results

The Branded Moments Roadshow happened over eight weeks in seven cities, visited 61 agencies and educated over 1,000 people about the product. Exact numbers on revenue are confidential, but known is that the success of this tour led to the creation of a second tour in Asia and Latin America, in Australia, Singapore, Mexico and Brazil.

Spotify Branded Moments Roadshow is a Gold Winner for a Hermes Creative Award in the category "Interactive Brand Experience".