What would be your dream event?

A Conversation with Paul Boulding, Creative Director, London

The original version of this article has been published on CIT Magazine on November 16, 2018

cc: Kinga Cichewicz

cc: Kinga Cichewicz

What kind of event would it be and why?

I’d go with a product launch. A new audio device that delivers the most remarkable spatial sound from the smallest speaker ever released. It’s nice to have something tangible to reveal and work back from to create the experience itself.

I like to dig deep into the soul of the brands we work with, the product will contain their DNA so a total understanding of what makes them tick is imperative in creating a truly immersive and motivational event.

Where would it be held?

I’d take over one of the larger ground floor spaces at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's HQ, Chelsea. This is an amazing building where contemporary art juxtaposes classic architecture. I’d create an immersive journey route from entrance to the room in order to desensitize our guests from any preconceptions. Lights would be down, corridors black with subtle pulsing LED white light at floor level to guide the way.

The room itself would contain a 10m speaker shaped suspended cone, lowered at floor level during entrance, pulsing with ambient light that is linked to the sound output of the device itself. We rely on nothing but light and beautiful sound to reveal the product, tightening the senses and bringing drama and intrigue to the space.

Who would be your keynote speakers?

As this is sound related, I’d reveal Max Richter as guest speaker. A remarkable contemporary composer who truly understands the structure of sound, from composition to output. He would link this back to the device, giving reason to believe. The cone would raise up to reveal him and a very intimate conversation with our guests.

What kind of entertainment would you have?

Max and a series of composers would provide live orchestral entertainment written specifically for the event and to maximize the product, then I’d switch to someone who would provide a powerful DJ set making full use of the product, light and space, I’d bring in Trentemøller.

cc: Viktor Juric

cc: Viktor Juric

Who would be in charge of catering

We would serve only drinks at this event, the reveal is stand up, a gathering of people, a personal immersion with light and sound. I wouldn’t want to distract from this.

What kind of drinks and how are you going to serve them?

We would source some niche mixologists to stimulate the senses.

Would there be a dress code?

All black, informal. Hosts, speakers and artists would wear all white.

Would the event have a theme?

Event Horizon.

Are there any fun/exciting bits of tech you’d have at the event for people to try out?

Invites would be sent in the form of small abstract USB devices and will be audio only. We would ensure RSVP is online only by linking to a microsite, we will track the guest interests and activity here, which in turn will help tailor the event attributes.

Any sponsorship deals/product tie-ins that could work well?

I’d keep everything as pure to the brand and the product - deals with relevant drink companies only.

Anything else we’ve missed but you would love to do at the event?

Let’s not forget about post event. We need to ensure our guests believe and take away the message we deliver. This can be via a product give-away containing a digital call to action. One that will allow the guest to log back in, receive exclusive recordings of the performances for their own consumption and to dive deeper into the product specifications, collateral and press kits. We must keep a connection with our guests.